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Safe Handling & Shipping

Picture of UPS and FedEx Logos

We know how important your memories are, so rest easy; your pictures are safe with us. We guarantee your pictures will never leave our Brooklyn facilities and will only be handled by Beckyscan team members. For all our mail orders, we ship with only the best: UPS and FedEx.

Send your box to this address:

  • Beckyscan
  • 25 Washington St.
  • Suite 606
  • Brooklyn, NY 11201

Packing your photos is important. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Remove your photos from albums or scrapbooks.
  • Put your photos, slides, and negatives in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture. Trash bags, shopping bags, and ziplock bags all work great.
  • Place your images in a durable cardboard box. UPS and FedEx offer these complimentary if you choose to use their service.
  • Secure your photos, slides, and negatives in the box with crumpled newspaper. This keeps them from moving during shipping.
  • Seal the box with packing tape and address it to Beckyscan. Make sure to write your return address.
  • Include your order number on a piece of paper inside the box (or include your printed confirmation email).
  • Send!

Note for those of you ordering a DVD slideshow:

  • Separate the images you want included in your slideshow. A simple way to do this is to bundle them with a rubber band and a note.