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DVD Slideshow for Home Viewing

Picture showing people watching a slide show

Watch your memories unfold before your eyes on-screen! We create picture slideshows made to play on your home DVD player and display on your television (or computer). Your pictures will play like a movie-- transitioning seamlessly from one to the next and to an appropriate soundtrack. Each slideshow has an interactive main menu that allows you to easily control viewing with the click of your DVD remote. This DVD slideshow makes a great gift and is an amazing conversation piece at get-togethers. Leave the slideshow on while you're not watching TV and enjoy your photos any time in stunning large format.

Don't be afraid to jazz it up. We can add a soundtrack of your own music to the slideshow. Simply send us your favorite music CD with a list of the song(s) you want to play in the background, and we'll do the rest!

Details & Pricing:

  • One Standard DVD Photo Slideshow is $50.00 and includes up to 300 images
  • Add 10¢ per additional image (maximum 750 images per slideshow)
  • Add a personalized soundtrack to your slideshow for $4.00 each song
  • Each additional copy of the slideshow is $6.00
  • Please separate the photos you want in your slideshow from the rest of your photos to be scanned CLICK HERE for packing suggestions and tips