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About Us

About Us

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Beckyscan is a family-owned photo and image scanning company. We believe pictures are as precious as memories. That’s why our team of professionals does all photo scanning and technical work in-house and why we insist on only using top-of-the-line equipment and software. Many other companies out there risk shipping your priceless photographs to factories overseas to cut cost, but we don’t. Our modern and hi-tech facilities here in New York allow us to offer affordable prices and quick turnaround times without ever having your photos leave the hands of our qualified technicians.

Our founders are a brother and sister, Nate and Mary Kate. The two owned and ran a successful graphic design company in New York before founding Beckyscan. Their goal in starting Beckyscan was to offer people across the country a safe and affordable way to organize and preserve their memories.

Beckyscan is bigger now, but our commitment to quality and service hasn’t changed a bit. All our employees have bachelor’s degrees in design or photography and can answer any questions you may have about digital imaging and/or our services. We love our job.

Who is Becky?

We get asked this question all the time. Becky is the mother of our founders, Nate and Mary Kate, and the inspiration for Beckyscan. An avid picture taker herself, Becky encouraged Nate and Mary Kate to become professional travel photographers and pursue graphic design as a career. Years later, Nate and Mary Kate saw the need people have out there for a photo scanning and archival service, one that is trustworthy and capable. Here we are.