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Scanning Services Explain this!

Image Types Quantity Resolution Unit Price Total
Print Photos
(2 x 2.5 inches up to 5 x 7 inches)
Print Photos
(sizes larger than 5 x 7 and up to 8.5 x 11 inches)
35mm Negatives
(per frame on strips)
35mm Slides
(with mounts)
SubTotal:   $

Image Storage Options Explain this!

Data Disk Type Compression Unit Price Total
per disk
Your order requires
Would you like additional copies of your disk set? If so, how many?      $
SubTotal:   $

Reference Album Explain this!

Description Unit Price # of Albums Total
Digital Image Reference Album $
SubTotal:   $

DVD Slideshow Explain this!

Description Price Quantity Total
DVD Slideshow (with up to 300 images) $50 $
Additional Slideshow images (up to 450 more) 10¢
per photo
Personalized Music Soundtrack $4
per song
Additional copies of DVD $6
per copy
SubTotal:   $

Gifts & Products Explain this!

Description Quantity Memory Size Unit Price Total
Digital Picture Frame
(loaded with up to 500 photos)
512 MB $180 $
Digital Picture Frame
(loaded with up to 1000 photos)
1 GB $225 $
Gift Certificate
(redeemable gift amount of your choice)
--- $
Digital Picture Keychain up to
56 photos
$75 $
SubTotal:   $

Return Shipping

Return Shipping Your Estimate Total
Enter in your estimate for return shipping costs. Beckyscan will charge
the actual amount.
(UPS ground usually costs between $7 to $15)