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Digital Picture Frame

Admire your photos everyday with a Digital Picture Frame. We'll load your photos onto the frame and they'll display, one after the other, on a high-resolution 5.6" screen. With rotating and selective images options, this makes a great addition to anyone's office or family room.


  • The display comes in a beautiful wood frame and is also interchangeable with any 5x7 picture frame
  • The Digital Picture Frame displays photos, mpeg video formats, and plays mp3 music through its built-in stereo speakers


  • One Standard Digital Picture Frame with a 512 MB memory card loaded with up to 500 photos is $180.00
  • A Digital Picture Frame with a 1 GB memory card loaded with up to 1000 photos is $225.00
Picture showing pictures and CD

Digital Picture Keychain

Keep your treasured photos with you at all times with a Digital Picture Keychain. Display individual photos or a rotating slideshow of up to 56 photos on the square 1.4" screen. Your photos can be admired anytime and anywhere on the beautiful, bright, clear display!

Never worry about batteries. After 30 minutes of being connected to an outlet or a computer, your keychain will brim with 2½ hours of "on" time (which roughly translates to a week or two of show and tell). To conserve power, the display will turn off after 3 minutes of non-use.

Details & Pricing:

  • Includes computer software so you can swap out the photos anytime you like
  • Compatible with PC & Macintosh
  • One standard Digital Picture Keychain is $75.00 and comes preloaded with up to 56 of your scanned photos
Picture showing pictures and CD

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of lasting memories. Send your friend or family member a Beckyscan Gift Certificate redeemable for any of our products or services. Choose any amount and we'll mail a beautifully packaged certificate to your recipient along with a personalized message from you and detailed instructions on how our photo preservation and scanning services work. Your recipient can follow the included directions and send in their photos immediately, or they can log on to our website and purchase more services in addition to your gift amount.


  • Amount of your choice