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Your privacy is paramount. Your images are protected from misuse. All Beckyscan team members have a confidentiality agreement with Beckyscan and only those person(s) directly responsible for processing your order are allowed access to your images. No one else will see or handle your information or images at any step of the process.

Beckyscan does not disclose any personal information collected on this website to third parties, with the exception of product delivery confirmation through UPS or FedEx and billing transactions through a bank. All information we ask for to establish your membership on this website (including name, address, email address, credit/debit card information, etc.) is confidential and strictly used for business transactions and for communication with you.

We record server information from your browser, such as your computer's IP address and cookie information. Cookies are small data files on your computer that allow us to identify you as a customer. That is to accept your login information and allow you to access your Beckyscan account anytime.

Your email address will only be used by us to communicate directly with you and will never be shared with outside parties.