What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a professional who knows the demands of the Internet, considers the needs of the client, and integrates both to deliver an optimum Internet solution. Bascially, web development can be broken down into four parts.


Creating the general artistic theme and bindings

I am skilled in graphic design and worked as a commercial artist for many years. However, I often work with designers, or web designs provided by clients, because my forte is really focused on the programming side of web site development, namely web site Presentation, Function, and Service as outlined below.


Make the design consistent across various platforms and browsers

Presentation concerns are discussed in the " Four Internet Design Considerations Every Client Should Know" – I won’t repeat them here other than to say those are the problems that I typically address and solve. Those problems are solved by the proper application of HTML and CSS languages coupled with good server practices.


Make the web site user-friendly

Function is primarily client-side problem solving. This includes providing customers with easy ways to find what they are looking for -- namely consistent web site navigation methods; web-site search devices; product presentation schemes; product pricing and discount methods; and delivering various product information on call. These problems are solved by the proper application of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages.


Make the web site perform properly, accurately, quickly, and securely

Service is primarily server-side problem solving. Such as: providing a means to show product data via the web site as requested by the user (i.e., dynamic presentation); keeping track of inventory, sales, customers, and data; providing customer secure access to their accounts; providing means for customers to purchase products; providing clients with access to their web site for product management; and making the web site as secure as current technology allows. These problems are solved by the proper application of PHP and MySQL languages as well as knowledgeable database design.

This is what I provide for my clients. I typically charge $100 per hour but most of my work is done on a project basis. In other words, tell me what you want and I'll provide a cost and time estimate.

On many things, such as what you may find in this site, it's usually more efficient, in terms of both time and cost, for you to hire me to install whatever interests you. Most of what I provide here can be done within my minimum charge of $100.

Please donate $5 below for my development effort -- thank you.

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