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Tedd F. Sperling

Sperling Corporation
600 Bluebell Drive
Lansing, MI 48911

Web Developer and Web Programmer

Innovative, practical, accomplished, and experienced Web Developer and Web Programmer. Have over 30 years of computer programming experience with the last 29 years devoted to Internet Software Development.


Competent and Experienced in numerous Web Languages including:

  • HTML -- is the language (the glue) that holds content together -- it is the basic structure of the net.

  • CSS -- is the language that controls presentation. If properly used and applied, it removes all presentation from structure making web page display consistent across modern browsers as well as improving accessibility and making maintence and presentation changes easier.

  • PHP -- is the language that provides functionality via server-side scripting. It is the work-horse of the net providing tremendous opportunity in devloping any software that can be accurately described. In other words, if you can describe it, I can write the code for it.

  • MySQL -- is the language that creates and manages databases for data storage and date manipulation. This language is key in providing dynamic presentations in web sites and in providing users/adminstrators/clients with access to their data.

  • JavaScript -- is the language that provides behavior via client-side scripting. In other words, it resides on the clients-computer and if properly applied can provide progressive enhancement.

  • jQuery -- ls a JavaScript library of standardized routines that provides consistent and in many way remarkable behavior.

  • AJAX/AHAH -- is a combination of languages that makes web pages behave like desk-top applications without requiring a page refresh.

Also experienced in several other languages (i.e., JAVA, Perl/CGI, CSS, HTML, XML, C, C++, Objective-C). In addition, experienced in designing Web Sites that conform to W3C standards, follow “best practices”, and are accessible.

Summary of Qualifications

Skilled in creating user-friendly Web Sites providing customers with easy ways to find client services and products via: consistent Web Site navigation methods; Web Site search devices; product presentation schemes; product pricing and discount methods; and delivering various product information to the user "on call". This functionality is provided by the proper application of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax/AHAH languages.

Proficient in making Web Sites perform properly, accurately, quickly, and securely. Such as: providing means to show product data via Web Sites as requested by the user (i.e., dynamic presentation); keeping track of inventory, sales, and customer data; providing user secure access to accounts; providing means for customers to purchase products; providing clients with access to their Web Sites for product/data management; and making Web Sites as secure as current technology allows. These features are provided by the proper application of PHP and MySQL languages as well as knowledgeable Database Design.

Work Experience

Sperling Corporation 1995 - Present
Providing Web services to public and private sector interests.

Lansing Community College 1980 - Present
Full Time Professor teaching Computer Courses (JAVA, PHP, Mobil Apps, Web Development)

Sperling Corporation 1980 - 1995
Provided desktop application development for the Geoscience and Medical Industries.
Application Resume (PDF)


  • Teach PHP programming (Begining and Advanced) at College Level
  • Teach Web Design and Internet at College Level
  • Teach Object Oriented Programming/Design and Internet at College Level
  • PHP proficiency endorsed by Official PHP Project Core Member Mr. Daniel P. Brown
  • Frequent Contributor to the General PHP User List for several years
  • US Army, Vietnam Veteran, Military Policeman, Honorable Discharge
  • References available upon request


Bachelor of Science (honors)

California State University

Master of Science

Michigan State University