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Tedd F. Sperling

Sperling Corporation
600 Bluebell Drive
Lansing, MI 48911

I am an accomplished Software Developer with over 50 years of experience in creating software solutions. Please review the summary of detailed projects below. I am proficient in numerous computer programming languages including, but not limited to, JAVA, C++, PHP, Swift, Kotlin, and Web Languages in Application Development on a variety of operating systems.

I have also developed software for "pure" research ventures. I have an exceptional background in physics, signal processing, computerized peripheral controls, Internet, remote sensing, and technical writing. I have practical research experience in computer applications for science, business, and medical disciplines.

Selected Research and Programming Achievements

Researched and Developed the first commercial geophysical micro-computer program to provide seismic data modeling for the petroleum industry. (MASA® Micro Assisted Seismic Analysis)

Researched and Developed a micro-computer program that provided statistical spatial griding and contouring of three dimensional data. (TOPO® topographic contouring)

Researched and Developed software to optimize quarry remediation (cut/fill methods) by using aerial surveys in conjunction with vertical profile digitalization.

Researched and Developed several seismic data analysis computer programs to aid in seismic data interpretation and processing (i.e., Amplitude analysis, Fast Fourier Transform analysis, Digital filter design, AVO and Synthetic seismograms).

Accredited with the first micro-computer oil discovery (Baker 1-24 well, Lee Twp., Calhoun Co., MI. Well produced over 100,000 bbls oil and 1 BCF gas. Pub: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Explorer -- July 1985).

Researched and Developed software to analyze EKG signals by cross correlation with known EKG abnormalities for medical evaluations and computerized diagnostics.

Researched and Developed software and hardware to provide digitalization and measurement of cell structures in optical microscopes for medical and biological investigations.

Researched and Developed computer software and hardware to provide dynamic three dimensional digitalization of the residual limb in above knee and below knee amputations for optimum prostheses socket design.

Researched and Developed intelligent computer software to control jeweller's ovens for gold castings. Implemented fuzzy logic to determine correct temperature profiles (temperature vs. time vs. material) in oven for wax burn-out.

Researched and Developed custom CPU Assembler program for DOW Chemical Company. The program required extensive: linked lists; parsing; assembly symbol resolution via binary tree (r/b) look-up table; and bit level code manipulation.

Designed several AI programs (rule, knowledge, inference based, DNA and fuzzy logic systems) to monitor user input and render intelligent assistance in various computer program applications.

Provided data acquisition, computer analysis of data, and generated technical support evidence and proofs for court proceedings, law suits, and other legal investigations.

Experienced in all elements of remote sensing computer applications (i.e., temperature, humidity, pressure, strain and force, flow and level, pH and conductivity, data acquisition, and controllers).

Published 18 professional papers and made 15 professional presentations throughout the country on practical micro-computer applications and results of various research projects. Authored several research Federal Grant proposals.


Bachelor of Science (honors)

California State University

Master of Science

Michigan State University

Have graduated from other institutions with degrees, certifications, and diplomas in a variety of disciplines (i.e., AA -- Los Angeles Valley College, Gemological Institute of America, CPG-2297, US Army Military Police Academy, and numerous trade courses).