Play Quarters On-line

I finally upgraded my Quarters Game to on-line play. Here's the link Quarters

Have fun -- tedd

Binary-Tree Demo

Binary-Tree Screenshot

Mac OS-X only -- This program is an educational tool for showing the operations of a Binary-Tree. More specifically, it graphically demonstrates the Binary-Tree node layout, key value searching, node deletions, node additions, and splay balancing. It also provides a description of the processes.

Binary-Tree v1.1     Downloads:  3605

Quarters for Macintosh

Mac OS 9 Only -- The original Quarter game deals with the selection of coins from three piles of coins. Each player selects coins in turn and the person left with a single coin to choose loses!

Quarters Game Screenshot

I learned this game several years ago and finally turned it into a program, namely "Quarters". The program has elements of artificial intelligence and follows a "rule-based" AI algorithm. In other words, it plays the game as I do, except it doesn't make mistakes. I think that you'll find it hard to beat!

Quarters -- v1.04 USA Flag           Quarters (ITA)-- v1.04 Italian Flag

After learning the rules, the beauty of the game is that it can be played anywhere with twelve coins. While, the strategy of winning the game is complex, it follows some very simple rules, which you may be able to derive from playing the program. But, if you can't, I can provide the solution for $5 US. Please see details under "The Secret" button.

Or, you can make an email payment for "The Secret" by simply paying $5 US via:

After which, I will be notified that you paid and I will in turn email you "The Secret". In any event, Quarters is an intriguing game! I've enjoyed it for years, as I hope you will.